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Produktutbudet omfattar samtliga tillhörande maskiner som kantsågar, slipautomater, stukningsapparater, etc.
We provide individual solutions for log infeed, plank outfeed and sorting of the sawn timber.
  • Ytterligare produkter
    Kantskärnings- och egaliseringsautomat
    Save time: sharpen your own saw blades. With the aid of the automatic sharpening and equalizing unit, you can sharpen blunt saw blades on site – Sharpening and equalizing are performed in just one single operation. Thanks to its dismountable construction, the unit is easy to transport.

    • Manual clamping device for bandsaw blades.
    • Manual infeed for tooth face and tooth spine.
    • Detaching device for grinding disk.
    • Cleaning tongs on the entry side.
    • Low vibrations, grinding disk is directly driven.
    • Extra precise: The tooth tip, which is pushed, is grinded.
    • Robust and compact design, dismountable for car transport.
    • Optional: Equalizing device for swaged saw blades, sharpening and equalizing in just one single operation. Swaging device and repair bench with rolling machine.

    Technical data
    S 200
    Saw blade length
    5,000 – 8,500 mm
    Saw blade width 60 – 180 mm
    Tooth pitch
    30 – 45 mm
    Grinding disk Ø 200 x 10 x 20 mm
    Equalizing disk
    Ø 60 x 16 x 15 mm
    Electric motor grinding disk 0.55 KW
    Electric motor feed
    0.55 KW
    Feeding rate 24 Z/min
    130 kg
    Manuell stukning. Även manuella stukningsapparater tillhör produktpaletten. Användningen är mycket enkel. Sågbladet fixeras och tandspetsen stukas. Därefter slipas önskad tandform med slipnings- och egaliseringsautomaten.