Single Blade Edger

Exact cut: The plank remains stationary on the table, while the sawhead travels back and forth.

Optimum yield:
The un-edged plank is aligned at the zero line and the splinters are removed.

Maximum feed:
The one-man operated, longitudinal cut circular saw allows an infinite adjustment of the feeding rate to respectively suit the various plank thicknesses.

Parallel cut:
After the initial cut, the plank is turned around and, with the aid of the adjustable fence, is cut then parallel in accordance with the required size. This parallel fence can be folded down to one side. Thus, large boards can also be processed. Additional side fences facilitate slat cutting.

Technical data

Max. cutting length
4,400 – 5,200 mm
Max. cutting height
100 mm
Electric motor
5.5 KW (optional 7.5 KW)
electronical continuously
600 – 900 kg
Laser guide
Suction channel