Accessory equipment

This range of products includes all accessory machines such as circular edging saws, automatic sharpeners, toothsetters, and so on.
We provide individual solutions for log infeed, plank outfeed and sorting of the sawn timber.
  • Accessories
    Automatic sharpener
    Save time: sharpen your own saw blades. With the aid of the automatic sharpening and equalizing unit, you can sharpen blunt saw blades on site – Sharpening and equalizing are performed in just one single operation. Thanks to its dismountable construction, the unit is easy to transport.

    • Manual clamping device for bandsaw blades.
    • Manual infeed for tooth face and tooth spine.
    • Detaching device for grinding disk.
    • Cleaning tongs on the entry side.
    • Low vibrations, grinding disk is directly driven.
    • Extra precise: The tooth tip, which is pushed, is grinded.
    • Robust and compact design, dismountable for car transport.
    • Optional: Equalizing device for swaged saw blades, sharpening and equalizing in just one single operation. Swaging device and repair bench with rolling machine.

    Technical data
    S 200
    Saw blade length
    5,000 – 8,500 mm
    Saw blade width 60 – 180 mm
    Tooth pitch
    30 – 45 mm
    Grinding disk Ø 200 x 10 x 20 mm
    Equalizing disk
    Ø 60 x 16 x 15 mm
    Electric motor grinding disk 0.55 KW
    Electric motor feed
    0.55 KW
    Feeding rate 24 Z/min
    130 kg
    Tooth compression device
    Manual toothsetting. Our product line also includes manual toothsetting tools. They are easy to use: the saw blade is secured and the tips of the teeth are set. After this, the automatic jointing and sharpening unit is used to grind the teeth to the desired shape.