Custom made, for extra large logs

In May 2016 was installed a special band saw ES 1200 PROFI with different sorting boxes at the sawmill Meßmer. The sawing company in Welschensteinach is processing mainly oversized logs up to 15.5m length. The entire base frame and the clamping device were made wider and more stable. The log loader has a lifting capacity up to 8 tons. With the typical one-man sawmill, the operator can load the log, individually cut it, and sort the sawn lumber with the automatic gripper carriage into the desired box.

   • Machine type: ES 1200 PROFI
   • Main motor 55 KW
   • Log diamenter ou to 1.5 m
   • Cutting length up to 15.5 m
   • Total weight 25 ton

   • Drive motor with frequency inverter for optimizing of the saw blade speed
   • Traveling cab with a constantly good overview on saw blade and wood quality
   • Hydraulic sawblade pressure guide system
   • Monitoring sawblade deviation, with automatic feed control
   • Double precutters
   • Cross and longitudinal cutter
   • Automatic plank remover
   • Line laser for better orientation of the cutting height
   • Automatic operation for lamella cutting
   • Log infeed conveyor
   • 7 Sorting boxes
   • Automatic gripper carriage: Each individual or several planks together will be picked up during the return trip and stored automatically in the desired box.
   • Scraper floor for cleaning sawdust under the track

Video: Sawmill ES 1200 PROFI
Press reports: HK2016-26, HZ2016-47