Mobile bandsaw PROFI

Up to every task. Our professional mobile log bandsaws leave nothing to be desired. The entire system can be controlled precisely from the comfortable operator cab using two joysticks.
The mobile version is normally fitted with a diesel engine, and thanks to a variety of hydraulic functions it can be quickly dismantled and erected again at a different location.
  • Sawhead
    Working safely and comfortably. The travelling cab lets the operator work in a pleasant, low-noise, dust-free environment. The entire system can be operated from the cab using two proportional-control joysticks and a display screen. A direct view of the sawn timber also ensures constant quality control. The cutting height setting can be adjusted easily for the desired sort of sawn timber by using the display screen with several predefined cutting programs. This facilitates optimum log utilisation.
    Resch & 3 also offers a variety of accessory options for the cab: cab heating, xenon external lighting, seat heating, and a radio.
    Dual precutters
    Longer cutting life. Precutters at both ends of the log trim dirty sections of the raw log to provide clean entrance and exit faces for the saw blade. This dramatically increases the maintenance interval for the saw teeth. The two precutters can be controlled individually.
    Everything in a single step. During cutting, each plank can be trimmed automatically to the desired length. Finished lengths of longer timber can thus be taken directly from the mill.
    The hydraulically actuated crosscut saw can optionally be rotated by 90 degrees so it can be used as a ripping saw. Particularly with hardwood, this can be used to part the heartwood or edge one side. The maximum cutting depth of the crosscut saw is 80 mm.
    Pressure guides
    Precise guidance. Hydraulic pressure guides give the saw blade extra support and reliable guidance. They are retracted during reverse travel to avoid heating the saw blade. As a result, precise cutting is possible even at elevated feed rates. Each guide can be positioned individually to be as close as possible to the log.
    Automatic log measurement
    Intelligent and practical. The log is measured automatically during the first cut. The data is shown in cubic metres on the screen and stored in the system. Various information, such as wood sort, percentage bark content, customer data and so on, can be entered and selected. The results of each day’s work are summarised in a convenient form and can be printed using a PC.
    Sawdust box
    Clean work. Sawdust is collected in a dedicated container, which is emptied automatically when the full level is reached.
    Automatic plank remover
    A major work aid. In order to cut high-quality sawn products, it is important that the quality of the wood is visible after each cut, which means that each individual plank must be removed immediately after being sawn.
    The automatic plank remover makes this possible: Depending on the specific cutting operation, each individual plank, squared timber or flitch is removed automatically during the return travel phase and placed alongside the machine.
    Sawblade replacement
    Rapid refitting. For saw blade replacement, the pressure on the blade tensioning system can be released from the cab, and the protective housing is opened by hydraulic actuators.
    The saw blade can be easily removed and replaced. The machine is ready for use again in almost no time.
  • Guideway
    Log loader
    A strong helper. The hydraulic log loader lifts each log onto the guideway. After this, it can be processed into timber.
    Turning chains
    Rotation made simple. Logs of various sizes and shapes, as well as cants and planks, can be easily rotated into the desired position with the turning chains. The turning chains also eject the sawn timber.
    Longitudinal rollers
    Properly positioned. Longitudinal feed rollers transport the log back and forth for optimal utilisation of the clamping tongs. The log is thus securely clamped.
    Clamping tongs
    Well secured. Clamping tongs that can be individually adjusted in height are used to align and secure the log to ensure that it is positioned horizontally.

    Minimum height: An additional function positions the clamping tongs at the minimum height. Without cutting into the clamping tongs, the last cut can be made at 15mm.
    Exactly 90 degrees. The material to be cut is aligned to the angle fence for sawing square timber, slats or planks. A supplementary fine adjustment is provided for tilting the cant. The angle can be corrected as necessary using this adjustment.
    Outfeed rollers

    When sorting the sawn timber, it is important that the side cuts are separated from the finished cuts. While the planks are laid on their sides with the aid of the turning chains, the outfeed rollers transport the finished cuts longitudinally toward the front.

    Log infeed
    Logs ready at hand. The hydraulic log infeed conveyor transports the wood to the log loader. Several logs can be loaded on the conveyor at the same time.
    Plank outfeed
    The final step. The plank outfeed simplifies transporting sawn timber to the edging saw. It can be controlled from the cab or the edging saw.
    Rapid transport. The mobile log bandsaw is designed for easy transport, including the edging unit and log infeed conveyor. It is approved for road transport up to 40 km/h (optionally up to 80 km/h). Thanks to the six hydraulic support legs, hydraulically unfolded extensions and hydraulic pivoting fixture, the entire system can be erected and aligned within a few minutes after arriving on site.
Technical data

  Type 1050 Type 1200
Max. log clearance
1,100 mm
1,500 mm
Wheel diameter
1,050 mm
1,200 mm
C Offcut thickness
25 mm
25 mm
Max. stroke
900 mm
900 mm
E Max. cutting depth
460 mm
530 mm
B Track width
1,300 mm
1,500 mm
HG  Overall height
3,200 mm
3,400 mm
BG Overall width
4,100 mm
4,300 mm
BS Overall saw width
3,300 mm
3,700 mm
  Sawblade length
6,800 mm
7,800 mm

Sawblade width
120 mm
150 mm

Sawblade thickness
1.2 mm
1.2 mm

Cutting length (customer-specified)
13 m standard
13 m standard

0-40 m/min
0-40 m/min

Main drive:

30-37 KW
55 KW

45-55 KW
90 KW