The idea behind our success.

Geschichte RESCH & 3The basic idea of the log bandsaw originated from carpentry in mountain regions. The possibilities were very limited at that time: logs had to be transported to a sawmill in the valley by ox team or horse team and then brought back to the mountains, or else hewn by hand. In the 1950s, the carpenter Johann Resch came up with the idea of bringing the saw to the wood.

He started developing his first log bandsaw in the fall of 1954, and a short time later he was able to make his first test cuts on 14 February 1955. Since then, log bandsaws have been refined based on a wealth of practical experience and adapted to the progress of technology and aesthetic criteria.

Widespread practical use also gave rise to a demand for a variety of accessories and extensions, which we also developed. Resch systems are now used in other countries as well, to the full satisfaction of our customers.