Double Edger

High precision: The plank remains stationary on the table, while the sawhead travels back and forth. Two pressure rollers in front and behind of the saw blades hold the wood in place with downward pressure during the cutting process. This new manufacturing process is unique to the market and guarantees an exact, parallel and straight cut.

The plank remains stationary on the table and is not pushed through longitudinally.

Maximum efficiency:
The power consumption of the circular saw motors is constantly monitored and automatically adjusted to the optimum feeding rate.

Easy operation:
Each individual plank is aligned using cross chains at the zero line by means of a laser guide. The second movable saw blade is subsequently adjusted to ensure that the maximum yield is achieved. A desired measurement can also be set at the control panel. The lateral fence, adjustable from 3 to 15 cm, facilitates slat cutting.

One-Man operation:
The infeed and outfeed is performed from the side and is operated by only one person. The operation of conventional double edgers, in which the plank needs to be pushed through, requires one person at the infeed end and another at the outfeed end.

No suction unit is required:
Due to the rotation speed of the saw blade, the wood shavings and sawdust are propelled into a collection box. This box is emptied every time the end position is reached.

Technical data
  Typ DB 65 Typ DB 90
Max. passage height
65 mm
90 mm
  Max. passage width
850 mm
850 mm
Sawhead width
1,400 mm
1,535 mm
* Standard cutting lengths
4.4 – 5.2 – 6.2 m
4.4 – 5.2 – 6.2 m
  Max. distance of saw blades
500 mm
500 mm
Min. distance of saw blades
60 mm
60 mm
Saw blade diameter
300 mm
350 mm

Feeding rate
0 – 90 m/min
0 – 90 m/min

Electric motor of circular saw blade
2 x 4.6 KW
2 x 7.5 KW

Total weight
1,500 kg
1,800 kg
*Special lengths available on request