Uniquely Resch & 3.
All products and product components are produced at the company’s headquarters in Blumau, starting with technical planning. Every machine that leaves our factory is subject to strict quality control. This way we guarantee our customers that Resch & 3 provides only the best equipment for their demanding jobs.
  Produktion bei RESCH & 3
Blade treatment
All about saw blades. Rudolf Lantschner has mastered everything Johann Resch learned from his many years of experience. He looks after the soul of accurate cutting: the saw blade.
Proper camber and adjustment of the sawblade wheels is an equally critical factor. Besides manufacturing its own wheels, Resch & 3 uses its special lathe to camber sawblade wheels made by other manufactures with diameters up to 2 metres. Thanks to the company’s experience and its range of services, many customers of other manufacturers turn to Resch & 3 for assistance.
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