Thanks to Schneider – Best wood

Since June 2016 glued laminations are cut with a horizontal resaw from RESCH & 3. After a rotary press the glued laminations up to a width of 1m are going through the TBS 1200. During the cut, the cutting accuracy and overload on the main motor are constantly monitored, and the feed rate is corrected accordingly. If there`s nothing to cut, the band saw moves upwards into the parking position. The uninterrupted change of the saw blade is ensured by a platform and a safety floor that is extended under the saw blade during maintenance work. The system allows a safe saw blade-exchange without stopping the production line.

   • Maschine type: TBS 1200
   • Main motor 55 KW
   • Glued laminated timber, width up to 1,0 m
   • Total weight 5 ton

   • Drive motor with frequency inverter for optimizing of the saw blade speed
   • Hydraulic sawblade pressure guide system
   • Monitoring sawblade deviation, with automatic feed control
   • Infeed and outfeed unit
   • Platform with extendable safety floor

Press reports: HK2016-29