First RESCH&3 Stationary bandsaw ES 1050 COMPACT in Serbia

New Bandsaw ES 1050 COMPACT provided to Serbia.
The company Irely supplies the Swedish furniture company IKEA  with toy items made of beech wood.
Thanks to the sawblade monitoring system the cutting accuracy is constantly controlled and the maximum feed is optimized.

Machine Type: ES 1050 Compact
Trunk diameter Ø 1.25m
Cutting length until 4.5m

• Comfortable cab with good overview on wood quality
• Pressure guide system
• Precutters
• Laser for a better orientation of the cutting height
• Sawblade monitoring system with automatic feed rate reduction when exceeding the maximum tolerance.
• Automatic plank remover to place the flitches alongside the machine
• Hydraulic backwards pusher with rollway to sort the planks to the right or to the left side.

The sawblades are sharpened with the automatic sharpening machine S 200.