Wood chip dryer

The wood chip dryer is designed for drying wood chips and wood shavings.

  • Hot air dried and sieved quality wood chips.
  • Minimal power consumption for high drying efficiency.
  • Optimal 4-layer drying by constantly turning the wood chips.
  • Compact solution, small space requirement.
  • Suitable especially for wood chip heating and wood gasification systems for power generation.
  • The sieved fine parts can be discharged separately or added back again to the main material.
  • Simple control with automatic regulation of the humidity.
  • Remote maintenance via PC or mobile phone with fault notification.
  • Optional: conveyor units for loading and discharge the material.
The enery-saving Power-Dryer!

Technical specifications

HR - 40   
 Drying capacity
1.2 - 2.0 
 Required water temperature min. 60 - 90  °C 
 Required heat capacity
120  KW
 Residual humidity wood chips
bis 5  %
 Max. size wood chips
50 x 50  mm
 Required electrical connection 6.0  KW
 Length x width x height 6,100 x 2,150 x 3,550  mm
 Air outlet Ø 600  mm
 Weight 2,400  kg

Invented by Hofer Energy